ELITE (n.)  “a choice or select body, the best part,” 1823, from French ‘élite’ “selection, choice,” from Old French ‘eslite’ (12c.), fem. past participle of ‘elire, elisre’ “pick out, choose,” from Latin eligere “choose” (see election). Borrowed in Middle English as “chosen person” (late 14c.) especially a bishop-elect; gradually died out (mid-15c.); re-introduced by Byron’s “Don Juan”  1818. As an adjective by 1852.

Elite (sometimes Élite) is a small group of powerful people in political and sociological theory, such as an oligarchy, that controls a disproportionate amount of wealth or political power in society. This group holds a superior position among the ordinary people and exercises greater privilege than the rest of the population.

But this website recognizes ‘elite’ by the reason, passion, heart and mind, according to the development of humanity and civilization.


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